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The Benfaremo family have been making Italian ices for over 60 years. Started by his father, Nicola, Peter Benfaremo, "the King" made Italian ices into an art form. Squeezing cases of lemons and oranges to get the true taste in his production and all our flavors have real fruit pieces in them from blueberry to watermelon.

The Lemon Ice King of Corona has been recognized as the standard for Italian ices. It has received award of distinction form Zagat and also featured in numerous magazines as a must place to visit. Today there are many people making Italian ices but it is always great to hear "You are still the one."

Ode To The Lemon Ice King | An Exerpt from "Hidden New York" | Zagat
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Ode to The Lemon Ice King!

We are gathered here tonight to sing
Praises to the Lemon King!

To lick the cup, life's fleeting pleasure --
An absolute New York refresher treasure
How many tastes
   How many smiles
     How many mmmmmmmmms
Impossible to measure!

What is the appropriate
Absolutely not disproportionate Approach to the delectable
Licking of the cup?

First pinch the pleats
Twixt thumb and index
Feel the seep of cold take hold
Feel the chill thrill fill
The ooooo natural reflex
Your thumb your index

Now bring yr oh so virtuoso
Bottom lip to lip of cup
Reach you tongue around and up
And feel young, feel young
Aswirl atwirl a curl tart sweet
Lick it nicey! Twice or thricey!
Never asking what's the pricey...
Close your eyes and taste the zing
A royal visit to the Lemon King

So much better than the ice cream
From a truck that rings
That sappy ding-a-ling
And I'm not just talkin' bout the taste --
Ice is better for the waist!

Though his throne's a glassed-in palace
Though the crown he wears is cotton
Some things in Lemon Kingdom
Should never be forgotten
For the King of Queens he does ordain
During his sessanta due -
His 62-year reign
Though the shovelers are the nicest
Every nudnik bows in favor:
Ices are a single flavor

And do not ask him for a scoop
They use a shovel -- not a scoop
With an ice, a cup, an alley oop
That flips the ice fantastic
Shovel's real steel, never plastic,
Why you wanna make a mess?
When you could taste the pure, the best
No inbetween
Don't mix yellow with the green
Lemon with Pistachio?
Gets a big Corona no no no!
Peanut butter better batter left alone
An ice is best ate solo --
Solamente solo!

If you want to make the scene
Make it w/ the only King of Queens
Peter Benfaremo
If you only know what he know
No matter where you gonna go
Que bella bella-issimo
For nothing's nice as lemon ice
Served by Benfaremo

So tonight we give a token
Before this esteemed crowd
To the man who wears the crown
Pete Benfaremo!
And his incredible Persona
As the Lemon Ice King of Corona
Where Dapper Don and Don the Dork
And everyone who gets outta work
Brings their finest fancy champagne date
To the place Corona-ites will congregate
Spaghetti Park's across the street
And half the universe shows up to meet
Sweet Pete Sengore Benfaremo
Pete the Lemon King
Sees puddles of sticky-fingered sunshine
On the sidewalks of New York

Trip the ice fantastic
Drip so enthusiastic
Pop the cork
For the Lemon King of all New York!

~Bob Holman & Steve Zeitlin

Benfaremo - The Lemon Ice King of Corona | 52-02 108th Street | Corona, NY | 718.699.5133
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